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Feb. 2nd, 2006 @ 12:22 pm Janurary 27th - February 1st.
Current Mood: draineddrained
JAN 27th - Yay! Came home home from FL, and it was nice to be back. I was glad to see Mark. I was also happy to see my Mom, Puppies and Kitty! So yeah, it was great to be back. I then went to church and I was running late, so when I got there I stepped in a giant puddle and then slipped into the pue. I nearly smashed my face on the pue infront of me, and everyone was standing then sat down when I did my clutz moment. I got the whole room stare. I laughed and sat down, like "Oh God...What a clutz I am!"

JAN 28th - Went to back to TKD, man I missed it the week I was gone. It was a super work out, and we went over our testing stuff. Felt good.

JAN 29th - Didn't do much. Played WoW alittle before I went to bed.

JAN 30th - Ugh, I got another cold. Damn Sickness + Hillary = Makes for an upset Hillary. So I ended up watching like half of the 7th Season of Buffy and slept. Man I miss that show. I wish it was still on. Long Live Boxsets!

JAN 31st - Same old day...Then played some WoW.

FEB 1st - Same old day, BUT with a random fire alarm going off at work. Later that night I watched Four Brothers with Mark. It was a good movie. I suggest to watch it if anyone is intrested.
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