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Jan. 26th, 2006 @ 11:08 pm January 20th - January 26th.
JAN 20th - Traci's and Derricks birthday! It was great to see Derrick again!! It was fun. We played Karaoke Revolution, which appreantly people hate accept Me, Ashley and Jessi. And then I got requests to do Gunther, heh. I had a good time.

JAN 21st - Went to work, and got out late. When I got home, I fell asleep. I then packed some stuff for FL, and stopped at Gary's to pick up something I left there. Still left it there, anyways...When I got there, they were played TI. It was all good, and then Jessi and Katie showed up. Soon the night got aggrivating as Pat got annoyed by me playing the Karaoke game, as well as the others there I think did too, or so I took their reactions. So I left. Oh well.

JAN 22nd - Woke up early and got on a plane to Fort Lauderdale. Yay! Warm, sunny weather, but when we got down there it was rainy. Heh.

JAN 23rd - Went on the beach and got burnt.

JAN 24th - Went on the beach and got burnt on the other side.

JAN 25t - Finally getting tan. I also had a dream about Pat. He was very angry at me. At the end of the dream he tried to kill me, but there was no black SUV's. Sorry Pat. Why do I have these dreams about you??

JAN 26th - Today we drove my dad's boat from Marco Island to another marina to get fixed from the Hurrican that ripped through there in October. It was fun. Marco Island is so beautiful.
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Date:January 27th, 2006 03:49 pm (UTC)


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Well, as to me and company playing TI getting annoyed; I wasn't getting annoyed at your singing, we were prettending to get annoyed at your singing (I suppose I can only speaK for my self though). I was getting annoyed over the ploting of plans such as "hey, do you thinK if we go in there, throw a pillow at the board, and shout Super Nova, they would thinK that was funny?" That did aggitate me, but I don't even Know if you were still in the house at that point. I do Know, as a side note, that we were all slightly aggitated over differnt things that day, and it probly just carried over.

As to my star appearances in your dreams, I guess it's just because you view me as a conflict in life or some form of great challange. Maybe deep down, you always have a fear that I will or simpley am capable of Killing you. Who Knows? (No blacK vans or SUVs? Damn! Oh, wait, was I in my blacK suit, or did I use my "Angel Eyes" attacK???)\

Stay Frosty,

ps- I Know why you always dream of me liKe this, it's because of that little online RP we did through IM, way bacK when we were in Highschool; remember that, it was great.