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Jan. 15th, 2006 @ 10:27 pm January 12th - January 15th, 2006.
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JAN 12th: Ok...Lets see first off lets talk about Thursday. A 16 year old kicked the crap out of me in Tae Kwon Do. Not something I'm proud of, but he was crazy. First off I blocked his kick with a low block and appearently with my tight balled fist, "cut his foot with my nail," impossible! He kicked my kuckle and I had a cut myself to prove it. So after that he went completely nutty on me and went full out attack. I went to kick him, but ended up blocking his "Chung Li" flurry attack with my FOOT. Yeah, much bruisage and pain. After TKD, I went to a Drakon meeting at a chinese restraunt. It's great plotting for the new season.

JAN 13th: Friday the 13th, Wow...was it really Friday the 13th? Hmm, LOL cool. Well anyways, it was Dee's birthday with the party at Gary's house. It was a rather different party I must say, didn't seem all there for some reason. I accually didn't drink and I was even more silly as if I were drunk. See people, you don't need alcohol to have a goofy time, I'm living proof. So yeah, Krystal had Gunther glasses, and so I totally had to be Gunther! Mickey gave me her black eyeliner and I made a thin european mustache. It was pretty funny. At least someone was having FUN! Oh and we were all Marvel Super Heros that night. Lets see if I can remember all this...

I was: Electra, Mark: The Punisher, Dee: Invisable Girl, Bobby: Wolverine, Gary: Gladitator, Jay: Colossus, Katie: Psylocke, Ian: Human Torch, James: Gambit, Channing: Cyclopse, Jessi: Rogue, Mickey: Storm, and was Krystal: Kitty. Sorry if I missed anyone. It was just a silly fun thing.

JAN 14th: Photo shoot went wonderful!! Makeup artist was excellent, and the photographer was great. No horror stories this time, oh and my picture for Pageantry Magazine came out nice. I can't wait to send it to my pageant director. Went to Lui Lui's for dinner with Mark, and then after we went to Hooters with Dee, Bobby, Mark and Jay Ligor for drinks. It was really good to see Ligor again and hang out. I would have been playing D&D if anyone invited me but no one did, so I'm also done with D&D. It's just getting stupid already.

JAN 15th: Today was pretty laid back. I watch Star Wars III with Mark, and we just relaxed. I book our trip to FL, Thank God!, and I can't wait. Maybe I'll find a fun quiz to take.
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