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Jan. 11th, 2006 @ 11:30 pm January 1st - January 11th, 2006.
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JAN 1st: Hmm well lets see. Same old same old, LOL. Accually party, after party. Been going to alot of parties at Gary's house, got drunk on New Years. Mark hugs people when he's drunk and I umm...I don't remember how I was, LOL. But I do know I was asked to be one of Eric's ushers in his wedding, KICK ASS! Im excited. Tux skirt suit will look so cute! Or maybe I will go with pants...any suggestions?

JAN 4th: D&D!!! It was awesome! It was Jessi, Dan, Channing, Katie, James, and Me. I had a really good time, and enjoyed playing. Thanks guys for inviting me! I only wish it wasn't going to be such a short life span of game time, but all in all it was good.

JAN 6th: Anyways, next party I was the sober one, along with accually half of the party was sober. Some dumb shits (Not people at the party) kicked out Wallace's tail light and a bunch of us got ticked off. Wallace didn't want to call the cops so we respected his call. So, Nothing really happened after that, but the party continued. I got into super clean mode with Dee and Channing, and supposedly arranging the table perfectly is concidered OCD, LOL!! I'm just a perfectionist people! It was fun though, can't wait for this Friday's, hehehe.

JAN 7th: Went to Dark Intentions, a small version of the old Manray. It was Me, Pat, Jess, and Rick, then Danko and Jay showed up. Group 2 couldn't make up their minds. They wanted to go to a bump and grind club, but I don't even think they went. I don't do that shit anymore. I hate being molested on the floor while Im accually going there to DANCE, NOT get picked up by some meat head to have sex with me. Ugh...don't get me started on Techno clubs. I love the music, hate the company. So yeah, goth clubs, even though freaky sometimes, are good enough for me! It fun dressing up and being different sometimes. I also accually can dance and not get touched by anyone, or quote from Dane Cook, "Hi, Can I knock against you all night with my denim cock?"

So I really enjoyed Dark Intentions. It was cozy! I liked it. I decided to be different and I wore my black bob wig. People were just like confused who I was. Don't think they like me with black hair. Danko was looking for my blonde hair, and totally kept missing me with my black bob wig on, LOL. It was funny. Oh and Steph and Paco where there, people from an old Boston by Night game we use to play, it was cool to see them again. The coolest thing though was the italian soda at this cafe place. It was soooo good!! Gunna have to do that whole night again, but blonde. LOL.

Plus Jay invited me to a table top Vampire game. The concept sounds really awesome! I can't wait to play. The scheduling is very good too, couldn't be more pleased. ;)

JAN 10th: So yeah lets see what else, Hmm....Oh well I had a photo shoot on this past Sunday but I like pulled out my damn neck and nearly passed out on the bathroom floor. Yeah, that was not cool, and so I had to reschedule to Tues, Jan 10th. OMG...What a freaking nightmare. After they did my makeup, I looked like a hobo crack whore, I nearly cried. I was there for 4 hours, and they "tried" to fix my makeup which I ended up sorta fixing myself and then I just was like "I don't F'in care anymore!!"

Then my photographer kept saying these three lines to me, "Who's pretty?" in which I had to answer stupidly, "Me." "Who's sexy?" "Me..." "Who's sassy??" The whole time in a tone as if I was a child or a dog. I replied yet again, "Me......." Then I pulled a fast one on her and when she asked, "Who's pretty?" again, I replied, "You. Teehee!" She was like, "Error, error." And she fizzled and died. Well that is what I wanted to have happen, but didn't. So when her question failed she laughed in this stupid high pitch teeny bopper laugh, and I only half laughed like, "Your an idiot." Ugh....I wanted to punch her in the face. So I left there completely ticked off, and my pictures sucked. Rescheduled AGAIN! With new makeup artist and photographer.

JAN 11th: Bored tonight. I think I'm going to take some quizzes now. ;)
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Date:January 13th, 2006 06:12 am (UTC)
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lol...you are a riot hillary, i love you! and you have to play DnD with us again!! its been awsome, but we need our ranger!